Deke's Bar and Grill

Located on Mill Road, Deke’s is one of the more popular places in town. Here, all different kinds of people mingle freely. Deke’s is situated right between Southey’s Paper Mill and St. Anselm College so it receives a high volume of traffic from both locations. Also, it is a favorite watering hole of the Powell AFB personnel. Surprisingly, there are few incidents.

Deke’s has a reputation for serving the best food in town and draws folks looking to eat out. Its menu is typical roadhouse fare, but the food served is a cut above what one might expect in similar places. Deke’s also hosts live entertainment, making it one of the hottest nightspots in town. Every night there is a band, an open mike, dancing, or some other social event that draws in college students from St. Anselm. People, particularly young people, come to Deke’s to socialize.

Many of the town’s influential citizens and community leaders go to Deke’s to broker shady deals over a pitcher of beer and a plate of wings. Those who make policy in Potter’s Lake often do so at Deke’s. It is considered neutral ground in the arena of small town politics and thus is the place where folks make and break political alliances, plan strategies, and hatch schemes. Even if it seems questionable or even reprehensible, it is still perfectly legal (most of the time).

Deke’s Bar and Grill is the ultimate hub of social activity in Potter’s Lake. It is a place where everyone goes and anything can happen.

Deke's Bar and Grill

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