Major NPC's

Florence Abrams – owner of Flowers by Florence, a cheerful, bubbly, vivacious woman in her early 50’s. Florence was born without hands, but manages to run her flower shop and garden with little trouble despite her handicap.

Jesse Davis – tall, thirty something woman who is the chief librarian at St. Anselm. She spends most of her time managing the College’s extensive rare book collection.

Father Gabriel Gorrand – fifty five year old zealous Catholic priest, fond of fiery sermons and helping sinners to repent and seek salvation.

Colonel Bernard LeMar – Commander of Powell AFB, rarely seen in town.

Victoria ‘Vic’ McCarthy – The towns friendliest, and hardest working postal person picking up and delivering mail all over town. She knows all the residents by name, and cheerfully trades gossip while making her rounds.

‘Meltdown’ – Town drunk/homeless person. Middle aged man who (reportedly) led a normal life until his paranoid schizophrenia developed and treatment failed to produce little in the way of results.

Sullivan Pierce – Fit, trim, man in his early 40’s who owns the ‘Hidden Treasures’ antique shop in town. Despite his small town location, he is known as one of the world’s experts in antiques, and his shop (and online store) draw patrons from around the globe. Both his store profits and ego are highly inflated.

Dr. Ed Miller – Town general practitioner and Potter’s Lake native. It’s well known that he’s the best doctor in town and that he despises living in Potter’s Lake.

Lydia Price – Bohemian artist, late 20’s. Wears retro clothing reminiscent of the late 70’s/early 80’s

Robert ‘Bob’ Southey IV – Scion of the Southey clan and owner of Southey’s Paper Mill. Dresses like a typical mill worker in plaid work shirts, jeans, and work boots. Knows he’s one of the most powerful men in town and enjoys throwing his weight around.

Deputy Quinn Harker – Dedicated law enforcement officer in his mid thirties. Handsome, brave, and principled.

Mayor Belinda Wainwright – Described by long time residents as a ‘lovely, beautiful, and graceful woman who serves the town faithfully. New arrivals are often surprised to discover the the ’lovely’ Mayor is to all appearances a pale, bloodshot, unkempt crone who looks more like a Halloween witch than a Mayor. Her habits of picking her nose and farting in public seem to go unnoticed by the town’s residents.

Major NPC's

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