“There are more things in Heaven and Earth …than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

Summary: New arrivals to a small Kansas town find weirdness, mystery, and conflict hidden just beneath the surface of a seemingly normal place.

This is a FATE Core game, with many additional setting elements to be created by the players.

The game is based on a published rpg – “Heaven and Earth”, but I’m just using the uberplot and some setting elements. Much of the game will be created by you.

The tone of the game involves horror, surrealism, and absurdity

The wiki lists a small selection of character suggestions and sample episode themes for your perusal.

Welcome to Potter’s Lake, Kansas population 18,361.

Potter’s Lake is a small, idyllic town that at first glance seems to be the type of place that most Americans would love to raise a family. It is the home of St. Anselm College, a small Catholic institution located in the town proper, making it an archetypal college community. Potter’s Lake also has a small but prosperous industry in the form of Southey’s Paper Mill (which sits on the lake and is across the street from St. Anselm). The paper mill is the major employer in town, contracting a fair portion of the local populace. The college is the second major employer, while the remaining residents work in various service industry jobs designed to capitalize on the influx of college students. Deke’s Bar and Grill is a no frills roadhouse that serves good food and drink and is popular with the locals and the college students alike.

Powell Air Force Base rests just outside Potter’s Lake and serves as a training facility for the Air Force. This provides additional income for local merchants, particularly those with a liquor license. Potter’s Lake is named for the large lake beside which it rests. Both the paper mill and the college butt up against this body of water that lies on the western edge of town. Encompassing the lake and the northern and southern edges of town is a thick vernal wood. Finally, to the east is the rolling plain where Powell Air Force Base lies.

Potter’s Lake is an odd little town and all the locals know it. They do not understand it in an intellectual or cognitive sense, however. If people thought about it and said, “ You know, this place is odd and wrong,” they would probably leave…but they stay. People in Potter’s Lake know that their town is different; they just do not think of it as a nexus for the bizarre. Many of the town’s idiosyncrasies are justified away as small town charm.

Any sane person would look at this place and instinctively know that something is off. However, there is an unexplainable appeal to Potter’s Lake, almost an unearthly pull that draws people to it. Perhaps it’s the quaintness or the sheer absurdity of everything. Perhaps it is something more.

Heaven and Earth